Currently I’m working on my spring capsule wardrobe. I have the majority down, but I’m still in two minds about a few items. It’s been really helpful to reflect on my winter capsule wardrobe. What items did I like and more importantly did I get a good wear out of it?

All in all I was really happy with my winter capsule. I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it and there was enough variety for me. I’ve incorporated a lot of my autumn capsule in to my winter one, so right now I can’t wait to insert some freshness into my wardrobe.


Capsule wardrobe most worn items

boyfriend jeans: esprit / shoes: topshop / coat: zara / shirt: mango (similar)
leather jacket: mango / lightgrey jeans: zara / black jeans: topshop / dark grey jeans: h&m

So let’s take a look at my most worn items, they’re hands down my jeans. As I’ve mentioned before I can easily get away with wearing jeans to work. In my spare time I also like to wear them, so they’re a definite staple. For spring I want to experiment a bit more with different fits, I mean how many skinny jeans can one have? 😉

I also got a lot of wear out of my coats. That doesn’t go for my leather jacket, although I did combine it with my long cardigans– which otherwise would’ve looked ridiculous popping out from under my coat. I always spend the vast majority of my budget on coats and I’m glad I did. Money well spend, if you ask me.


Winter capsule least worn items

shirt: zalando / skirt: zara / skirt: h&m (old) / shirt: h&m
blazer: bonaparte / blazer: kiomi / jumper: only / jumper: costes

It hasn’t really been cold this winter, so I didn’t get as much wear out of my jumpers and cardigans as I would like to, but I still needed them for variety and layering.

There are also practical elements that have stopped me from wearing certain items. With the white tops I didn’t have the right underwear to pull them off, I will be investing in some basic skin coloured tops. I will also always gravitate more towards clothes that don’t need ironing. Call me lazy, but I don’t want to spend my weekends ironing. That doesn’t mean I can’t add clothes that need ironing to my wardrobe, I just need to add enough that don’t.

Two items I almost didn’t wear are the two blazers. When I’m at the office they often feel restricting. I was going to add a third one in the mix for spring, but after reflecting I’ll stick with one or two. I do feel I can get more wear out of them in spring and summer, so I’m not ditching them completely.

There were also three skirts in my wardrobe and I only wore one of them. I’m taking this on board for my spring capsule, and definitely for my next winter capsule!

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