The return of the Levis 501

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In the haydays of the Levis 501 (yes, I was around back then) I was a skinny teenage girl that couldn’t wait to own a pair of original Levi’s 501s and strut around like the cool kids did. Sadly my little-to-none curves back then didn’t quite fill up the jeans as the were suppose to. Little did I know that ten to fifteen years later, a lack of curves wouldn’t be an issue for me anymore. But 501s started to feel dated and skinny jeans were all the rave. I never really looked at 501s anymore, until now.

The return of the Levis 501

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After years of wearing skinny jeans as a uniform, it was time for a change. The wide-legged seventies trend didn’t really do it for me, but thankfully I’ve noticed the 501 popping up in streetstyle pictures. These shots reminded me of the effortless vibe that comes with 501s, that je ne sais quoi I’m looking for. I don’t know if it’s the high waist or the regular leg, but rest assure that the 501 with a raw hem will be making a comeback in my spring capsule wardrobe.

The return of the Levis 501

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So right now, I’m on the hunt for a perfect pair of vintage Levis 501 jeans. I feel like the newer models, such as the 501 CT, don’t quite live up to the vintage ones and there seems to be quite a big secondhand market in Amsterdam. I will of course keep you updated on the process. If I can find the right one, I will share my tips with you. What do you think of the classic 501s?

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