It’s finally here: my first ever spring capsule wardrobe! After reading up on capsule dressing, a failed experience last autumn/winter, I now feel confident to share this spring wardrobe with the world.


Since last time I realized I have some serious comittment issues, so I gave myself a bit more freedom and decided I didn’t have to stick to a certain number of items. That’s not what capsule dressing for me is about in the first place. If I miss something along the way I’ll get it and if I feel like I don’t wear something I’ll chuck it out.

To me this whole experiment is about finding my personal style, stop overbuying and to be morethoughtful when it comes to shopping. A few things I had to consider when composing this wardrobe is a) the weather and b) my lifestyle. The weather here (in the Netherlands) changes all the time, so my spring wardrobe has to cater to both warm and cold temperatures. My lifestyle is casual, I hardly need to dress up even though I work in a corporate environment. People seem to dress pretty laidback here. Another important aspect is me biking to work. The Dutch are famous for biking in their corporate clothes and pretty much everything that could be worn on a bike, but I feel it somewhat limits what I can wear to work. No biggie, just something I need to consider.

As you can probably tell, my style is quite monochrome. But at least not everything is black, eh?

My total wardrobe for the coming three months consists of 45 pieces including 6 jackets, 2 jumpers, 5 dresses,  13 tops, 1 cardigan, 9 bottoms and 9 pairs of shoes. I’ve been playing around with these pieces and I’m pretty excited about the outfits I can make. I haven’t included jewellery, underwear, swimsuits, work-out clothes and accessories. Tomorrow I’ll show you where I bought everything.

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