Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 1

zip through skirt / glitter high neck top / vans

Never in my life did I imagine I could pack only 10 kg to spend 12 days on holiday! But when I was going on a backpacking trip to Cuba, I had to seriously cut down on luggage and start working on my capsule travel wardrobe. Luckily there’s year round pleasant climate in Cuba, which made packing a whole lot easier.

I borrowed a backpack and started planning my outfits. I went to the airport and there it said in big bright red lights… 10.2 kg! Who would have thought that I could get to a number that low? So without any further ado, here is my capsule travel wardrobe:


Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 2

t-shirt dress / animal print sandals

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 3

lace topzip through skirt / animal print sandals

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 4

band t-shirt / bodycon skirt / vans

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 5

white lace shirtdenim cut-offs / animal print sandals

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 6

leggings / black tee / grey bomber jacket / nikes

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 7

black tee / denim cut-offsnikes

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 8

zip through skirtstriped teevans

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 9

denim cut-offs / peplum top  (similar) / animal print sandals

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 10

white lace shirt / animal print sandals / pinstripe skort (old)

Capsule travel wardrobe: outfit 11

black tight longsleevedenim cut-offsvans

For years I have devoted my life to the mantra ‘if it’s not black, put it back‘, which shines through (just a teeny bit) in my capsule travel wardrobe. In all seriousness, sticking to one colour did help with combining my items.

I admit, not every outfit is thát exciting, but they have been proven to be functional and I think I looked pretty stylish during my trip. Especially considering I was backpacking. In the middle of the trip I washed a few items, but I didn’t even end up wearing all of my freshly washed garments.

My favourites? Definitely the black t-shirt dress and animal print sandals on hot days (I tell ya, it can get quite hot in the Carribean) and the denim cut-offs with the peplum top for that perfect mix of casual, yet stylish.

What are your go-to items when it comes down to packing your capsule travel wardrobe?



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