Lately I have been thinking a lot about investing my time into things I really care about. I feel people nowadays feel more busy than they used to. Although we have these great tools that make our lives easier, we’re all getting busier and busier. And this feeling doesn’t limit itself to the workforce alone, my parents (who are retired) experience the same level of activity.

I guess we’re all well aware of the time we spend on social media, watching the latest talent show or endless beauty videos on YouTube. But if time is important to you, it is definitely worth to evaluate if you need certain apps in your life. However we do have access to some really interesting apps to help you save time and downsize nowadays. Here are my favourite minimalistic apps:


My colleague actually recommended this app to me. It stores all of your loyalty cards on your phone. I love a good bargain, so I’m always accepting new cards. With this app there’s no need to carry around dozens of cards anymore.

App: Stocard


This speaks for itself really. Get rid of everything that you don’t want anymore and make some money in the process. If your main reason is a clear out, make sure you set a deadline. If you don’t sell your items before that date, donate them to charity. In the Netherlands we use an app called Marktplaats.nl for this, so find out which marketplace works for you.

App: eBay


Do your family and friends complain that you are on your phone too much? A big eye-opener for me was my holiday with hardly any wifi, my iPhone all of sudden lasted three days without recharging…! The app Moment tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day. If things are really getting out of hand you can even set limits.

App: Moment


One of the apps that I’ve installed recently, is Any.do. I’ve been reading Eat the Frog and have been more focused to achieve my goals and stop procrastinating. Any.do is basically a list manager. Bullet journaling seems to a be a thing these days (at least on the old Instagram) but for me keeping my to-do list on a mobile device is easier. What I like about this app, is that you can set deadlines, add tasks to different lists and share to-do’s with other people. I’m just getting started with this, but I thought I would share it as to could benefit some of you.

App: Any.do

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