Travel clothes: what to pack for a weekend getaway

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This weekend I’m going on a weekend getaway in Europe. I’m excited, because it’s my first trip of the year and I will be visiting Prague for a couple of days. We’re going by plane and are only taking hand luggage, which means I have to carefully decide what I’m bringing with me. When it comes to travel clothes, I always try to look for items that I can wear various ways.

I wrote a few blog posts about packing for traveling: how to pack a travel capsule wardrobe and how to travel with 10 kg, but this one is going to be a bit different as I’m not bringing any luggage (other than my hand luggage) and it’s winter in Prague.

Match your travel clothes to the destination

When we’re there, we’ll be mostly exploring the city and going clubbing. My tip is to look into dress codes for clubbing if you’re planning to go in another country. Last year I went on a city trip to Madrid with work and most of the guys were rejected at the door because they were in shorts. That isn’t a big deal in The Netherlands, but unfortunately it is in Spain and we learned the hard way.

Organizing your outfits

Another tip is to think about your luggage. How will you take everything with you? I’m taking my trusty Samsonite Spinner and I’m organizing my outfits in packing cubes. Packing cubes are flexible containers and a lifesaver when I’m away! You can organize your outfits into different containers or store all of your bottoms in one container and all of your tops in another.

So, what am I taking with me to Prague? Let’s a have look:

sweater / leather jacket / fedora / hat / scarf

top / sweater dress / sunglasses / mittens / backpack

leather trousers / bodycon dress / jeans / tights / bag / sneakers / ankle boots

Depending on the weather I might switch out a few items, but I think I can manage with just these. How do you pack for a weekend getaway?

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