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If you want to look trendy or incorporate trendy items in your wardrobe, it’s important to find out of they suit you and your wardrobe. Now I don’t think there’s anything that you shouldn’t wear – if you love something, go for it! I do however think it’s important to be aware of your figure and try to make something work for you. Clothes should compliment you, not the other way around. So let’s have a look at five of my personal favorite spring trends.


Denim is going to be huge this year! Last year I wrote about the return of the Levi’s 501, but this season I think denim is going to be even bigger. Denim jackets, cut-out denim, denim shorts and denim skirts – let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good denim? It pulls you in at the right places and makes you look effortlessly cool.

Banana Republic / TopshopH&MTopshop


I’m not exactly a gym bunny, and I don’t think I will ever be. My upper arms are probably the area where my lack of definition shows most, so I tend to cover them up. But on hot days, I don’t like to be dressed head to toe, I want to able to wear something light and airy as well. Therefore, off-the-shoulder tops are perfect for me. They highlight the right parts of my body and cover up the parts I don’t want to show off.

River Island / Vero ModaRiver Island


Culottes and me have a love/hate relationship. I love how they look from the front, but don’t always like how they make my bum look. I try to get them not super highwaisted and stick to thicker fabric.

Banana Republic / The Fifth LabelBanana RepublicBenetton


My favorite season when it comes to shopping is fall, but what I like about spring and summer is that you can wear light fabrics, colors and things can get a bit more playful. Lately, I keep seeing ruffles everywhere! I like the positive vibe they exude, without them being overly feminine.

mint & berry / Vero Moda / JDYmisguided


My last one is not actually a trend, but a color. I keep seeing white popping up more and more. Sometimes I think it’s quite hard to wear white, but I do love the crisp, fresh look white pieces add to an outfit.

Only / MisguidedKiomi

Which spring trends or pieces do you look forward to wearing?


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