Spring outfits | Clean & crisp


As I’m writing this it’s super cold, but nevertheless I’m slowly starting to think about my spring capsule wardrobe. And I have been researching spring outfits on the ol’ interwebz. I have a capsule wardrobe for a while now and I learned to do a lot of research before I get to the actual shopping process. If I don’t, I end up buying things that I don’t really need or that aren’t my perfect piece. And when you’re working with a capsule wardrobe, you want to make sure that you love every single piece!

One of the things I look forward to, is incorporating white into my wardrobe. I’m a big fan of black, gray and navy, but I do love a good crisp white. Especially when you combine it with blue denim I mean, is there anything better?

first photo: amazing looks / white shirt / denim skirt


Spring outfits | All black

off-the-shoulder top / skirt / sandals / photo: moderosa

Some people think that you should only wear pastel and flowery stuff in spring and summer, but I still wear black all summer. I just think it looks chic and I like how it complements my blonde hair. This outfit is a perfect example of how an all black look works in spring. I actually have the heals in nude, but I’m thinking about getting them in black too. I normally never buy the same piece twice, but I have been on the hunt for good looking black sandals and I haven’t seen any. These heeled sandals are so comfortable and look great!


Spring outfits | Patchwork denim

photo: carolines mode patchwork jeans / leather jacket

You’re probably getting bored about my love story about denim, but I can’t help myself. I actually own a pair of jeans that looks similar to this and I wear it year round. People often ask me if I’m going through rocky times but no, I just like the ripped look.

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