5 x styling wide legged trousers: go monochrome

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You know I’m a big fan of wide legged trousers, but when it comes down to incorporating new shapes into your wardrobe, sometimes you just need to visualize it. Especially with something as dramatic as styling wide legged trousers, you want to make sure you can build different silhouettes with a single pair.

Now with wide legged trousers, I don’t mean those flared trousers that look like they came from your aunty’s seventies closet. I mean actual pantalon type trousers, that start off wide straight away and make your legs look 10 inches longer.

01. Monochrome

To start off with my favourite way to style wide legged trousers: go monochrome. Choose one colour and stick to it for your whole outfit (this includes shoes!). This will look polished and will make you look longer.

5 x styling wide legged trousers: tuck it in

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02. Tuck it in

Usually wide legged trousers are quite high waisted, so to make your legs look even longer, just tuck your top into your trousers.

5 x styling wide legged trousers: wear something on top

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03. Wear something on top

A great way to tone the look down, is wear something over your trousers. This way they are less likely to stand out and look more like regular trousers.

5 x styling wide legged trousers: crop it

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04. Crop it

If you’re scared that wide legged trousers look too bulky, you can also go for a cropped version, or: culottes. I actually wrote a blogpost all about styling culottes for winter.

5 x styling wide legged trousers: go all out


05. Go all out

Every once in a while it’s fun to stand out from the crowd, and wide legged trousers are an easy way to do it. Own the look of them and emphasize by adding a dramatic top.

I’m curious. Do you own wide legged trousers? And if so, how would you start styling wide legged trousers?

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