Travel goals: Romantic Prague seen from the Charles bridge

It’s time for a bit of reflection again. In my January update I realized that I didn’t do too well, but I nailed this months travel goals (hence the picture above). If you want to know more about my goals, read my blog post my minimalism goals for 2017.


At the beginning of this month I went on a quick city trip to Prague and damn, how gorgeous is that city?! I was only there for three days and wished I could’ve stayed longer. I will do a blog post on my favorite spots soon! Travel goals: 10/10


In January I didn’t do much in the making-lasting-memories department, but this month started off great, when I went to go see the best rapper in The Netherlands Fresku. I also saw the movie Moonlight (and you need too as well!). I already mentioned my trip to Prague and I went on a pub-crawl in my hometown. I would totally recommend this if you’re looking to switch things up one time. And last but not least, I went to a concert of vocal harmony group Mic Lowry in De Melkweg in Amsterdam, which was fabulous. What made this even more fun is that I got to experience all these things with different people! All in all, this month was a 10/10


As you probably can imagine, a month like this isn’t cheap. Thankfully I didn’t go overboard when it comes to shopping. Let’s say… 3/10


No need for anything other then a 0/10


Another book of my to-read list, I was going to read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, but due to work-related changes I started reading Getting Things Done by David Allen instead, haven’t finished it though. 2/10


This is still a struggle for me. I’m working a fulltime job, so without clear focus it can be hard to do things on the side. I have been reading about investing a bit, due to the Dumpster Dog blog (if you’re interested in finance, you should definitely check this girl out!), and with the savings rate being so low, I consider looking into that more. Thanks for the recommendation LLMM (in Dutch).  2/10


Wasting less time ánd money is a priority for me, and this month has been great. Time-wise I did a lot of fun stuff and have been quite efficient with my time. When it comes to saving money, I cancelled a sport membership which I hadn’t used in months. It wasn’t that expensive, but if I don’t use it, I might as well cancel it all together. I also noticed that I haven’t been using Netflix for the past two months, so I cancelled that as well. I love how Netflix gives me the option to turn my subscription on/off as I please. Definitely recommend it over cable. 8/10

All in all I think I did much better in February (especially when it comes to travel goals), although there’s plenty room for improvement. I will focus on that in March. How do you keep track of your goals?

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