(source: pinterest / skirt: dorothy perkins)

When I started my capsule, one of the main eye-openers was that getting dressed is so much easier when you stick to a certain colour palette. I used to buy pretty much everything that looked cute, but when I choose a colour palette (black, white, grey, navy, soft pink and burgundy) I found that I could easily combine every single item in my closet.

Since I actually like to think about my style, I usually head over to Pinterest for some killer outfit inspiration. That is where I stumbled upon this gorgeous image of a woman wearing a burgundy combination. I immediately started my hunt for the perfect burgundy animal print skirt. After days of scrolling through about every single page on the internet, I figured I could DIY one by dyeing a regular animal print skirt.

I really like the result. The jumper and the skirt now make a perfect pair. Just a quick tip if you consider doing this. Make sure you choose a dye that suits the material. My skirt contains polyester so therefore the dye didn’t stick to the white thread. I don’t mind it at all, but it’s definitely something to check beforehand.

After seeing these results I’m actually curious to experiment a bit more. Have you ever thought about dyeing your clothes?

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