ARCHIVES / STYLE is where I document my personal style.

When I hit my thirties I wanted to change my relationship with fashion. In my twenties I pretty much bought everything that looked cute, still ending up with nothing to wear.

I started reading on minimalism when I stumbled on project 333 and a capsule wardrobe. It seemed like to perfect solution, because I was living in small apartment and wanted to streamline my personal style. So I did.

It turned out great, even though most people around me couldn’t seem to grasp the concept. That was actually the main reason to start a blog and share my experiences online.

Although ARCHIVES / STYLE started as an outlet for my personal style, there’s so much more I’m interested in. Expect travel, work, (interior) design, personal finance-related stuff here.

If you’re thinking about streamlining your closet, just try it! If you have any questions, please contact me at archivesstyle@gmail.com

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